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Bioenergy Promotion

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Project brochure “Energy planning on local and regional level” published

Jun 11, 2013

“Bioenergy Promotion 2 – From Strategies to Activities” aims to strengthen the development towards a sustainable, competitive and territorially integrated Baltic Sea Region by promoting sustainable production and use of bioenergy.

Within the project seven demo-regions will utilize the results and experiences gained to improve the strategy development and implementation on local and regional scale. The demo-regions will serve as good examples for others throughout the Baltic Sea Region.

The activities are targeting awareness raising, mobilization of unused biomass potential, training of local stakeholders and decision makers and  adopting of new strategies. In addition existing support schemes and policy developments related to the implementation of the strategies will also be addressed.

Transfer of experience, results and achievements between the demo-regions is also a vital part of the project. The brochure “Energy planning on local and regional level – good practice examples from Baltic Sea Region” was developed through involvement of partners of the Bioenergy Promotion 2 project.


Download the brochure.

Contact Secretariat

  • The “Virtual Bioenergy Promotion Secretariat” consists of the 13 project partners.
    Interested regions, municipalities and further stakeholders can contact the Secretariat via the secretariat e-mail