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Bioenergy Promotion

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Implementation of Bioenergy Promotion Strategy in Kaunas Region

Jan 23, 2014

Strategy implementation activities involve wide range of activities, such as support meetings with politicians on national, regional levels, as well as informational seminars with regional and municipal planners, bioenergy stakeholders, and other interested institutions.

Another group of activities include presentations, made by national project partners on promoting Bioenergy Promotion 2, consultations for bioenergy stakeholders under project implementation activities. 

Dissemination of information for stakeholders is another important activity for strategy implementation and includes publishing in national branch journal, providing vast information in national project website. Additional and rather important information is to be provided in the new project brochure “Overview of certification systems for biomass and solid biofuel”, which will be disseminated among bioenergy stakeholders. 


Another important activity is monitoring of bioenergy projects, which were implemented during the years 2010-2013, are currently under implementation and are foreseen for implementation till year 2020. Monitoring also provides information on lessons learnt and key recommendations for policy makers and support scheme managers. 


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